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Add tooltip for checkbox (question mark icon)

Invoice Bucket One minor suggestion is that you can add a tooltip (question mark icon) besides the 'Auto-assign new Google Cloud projects to a bucket' checkbox that displays help information on the checkbox. Gary (
2 days ago in Core Platform 0

Display invoice bucket name and billing account information on the invoices

This is a feature request. Please help prioritize, thanks.We have two billing accounts, one for internal R&D projects and the other one for customer projects. Currently, we assign these billing accounts and their associated projects to differe...
3 days ago in Core Platform 0

Provide APIs to assign projects to invoice buckets

This is a feature request. Please help prioritize it, thanks.We need the ability to assign newly-created projects to the corresponding invoice buckets programmatically. Can you help to add an API to make that possible? - Gary (
3 days ago in Core Platform 0

Report and Dashboard filters

Is it possible to prompt the user for input on a report? For example, I'd like to create a report that has a filter on a project and shows the monthly spend by service and SKU, but when the user opens it they are prompted for the project they woul...
3 days ago in Cloud Analytics 0

Improve DoIT reports with key features present in the GCP report

We would like to be able to use the DoIT reports as base for our own invoicing towards customers for which we manage the cloud infrastructure. However, currently they are not on par with the reports from GCP which blocks us from using the DoIT rep...
29 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Use the same color on the graphs for each groupby

On our dashboard,we have several graph with group by environment For example on the screen shot preproduction is never the same color on graphs.Allowing to force color to get the same or having something detecting this case and dot it for us shoul...
7 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Monitor stopped ec2 instances

At the moment CMP does not monitor the stopped vm's for cost analysis
9 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Metrics 0

Managed cloud services

ExterNetworks is a pioneer in Managed Technology Services with over 17 years of experience in providing end-to-end solutions featuring design, deployment and 24/7/365 support to top IT companies. More info: advantages of managed services
9 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Trends 0

See FlexSave by AWS Account

This would really help us understand how well FlexSave is working for us against different AWS accounts we have. Thanks.
10 days ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Global GCP discounts should not count in sandbox cost in DoIT

Dear DoIT, I've noticed a cost difference between the GCP billing and the Sandbox in CMP which would eventually affect the services running there when the default $100 limit is reached. The cost difference is due to using AlloyDB in the sandbox, w...
3 months ago in Governance / Sandboxes 0