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Global GCP discounts should not count in sandbox cost in DoIT

Dear DoIT, I've noticed a cost difference between the GCP billing and the Sandbox in CMP which would eventually affect the services running there when the default $100 limit is reached. The cost difference is due to using AlloyDB in the sandbox, w...
3 months ago in Governance / Sandboxes 0

Import a project into a Sandbox

If we have a particular way that we create a GCP project, such as through terraform, we may want to test that, and then subsequently set a sandboxed budget to the project.
6 months ago in Governance / Sandboxes 0

Delete / grey out sandboxes in CMP when deleted from GCP

We have deleted the sandbox in their GCP and still see it as active in the CMP and it prevents us from creating more sandboxes unless changing the policy. Could we have a way to delete the sandbox from the CMP once it has been deleted from GCP as ...
10 months ago in Governance / Sandboxes 1 Investigating


Hello, It would be great to have more filters and some kind of grouping. Filter that i'd be happy to have right now is to see alerts from specific cloud only (GCP or AWS). Grouping - it's more about data representation. Like group similar issues t...
about 1 year ago in Governance 0

Confirm / close cost anomalies

It would be useful to mark cost anomalies as "confirmed" (maybe with some message) so other team members can see that actions have been taken already. Also "closing" a cost anomaly would be useful.
about 1 year ago in Governance / Cost Anomalies 0

Workflow to remove sandboxes not clear

Currently it is not clear how the process of removing Sandboxes looks like: Your documentation does not give information about how Sandboxes should be removed. Your su...
about 1 year ago in Governance / Sandboxes 2

Use a send-all delta feature to override cost anomaly alerts for customers

In the CMP UI today there is a 'delta' option next to cost anomalies in the Notification section. This option isn't tied to any functionality and it would give customers more freedom on which alerts they would like to receive. It is suggested that...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Cost Anomalies 0

Add CUD expiration alerts to CMP

I had a customer ask for a way to get alerted before their CUDs would expire. Google doesn't seem to offer this, but listing active commitments is available via API:
over 1 year ago in Governance / Alerts 0

Opt in for email based cloud infra outage notifications

Customer has spent long investigation time on intermittent networking problems that turned out to be a publicly published networking issue. The customer has requested to be notified by DoiT for such problems in advance. All, Google, AWS and Azure ...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Known Issues 0

Support a larger AWS set of services sets for quota monitoring

The quota limits widget is very limited to the Trusted Advisor available quotas and it mislead many customers and turns them to be unsatisfied. For example, it doesn't cover S3 related limits. Feature Request: Either remove it or support a bigger...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Quota Monitoring 0 Will not implement