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Possibly Rhode Island's Newport?

Newport can be enjoyed at any time of year. The best time to visit, however, may be the last few weeks of October, when the leaves begin to dordle change color and the Newport Mansions put on their best Halloween displays. Take a scenic drive alon...
7 days ago in Core Platform / GDPR 0

Widget for GKE deprecation warnings

Google provides an API for getting deprecation warnings about upcoming changes to GKE: Would it be possible to provide a widget which bub...
about 2 months ago in Core Platform / Assets 0

Carters Coupon Code

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about 1 month ago in Core Platform / Pulse 1

Put colour contrast back into graphs

The new colour scheme is not friendly for people with any form of color blindness and needs the contrast added back!
about 1 month ago in Core Platform / Usability 1

Login: integration with OKTA for SSO

I want to know if the platform can work with external IDP (Okta) with SSO instead of creating users inside the DoiT
8 months ago in Core Platform / Authentication 0

Google Cloud Quotas widget -improvements

I`d like to see usage per account and per dedicated limit or quote.In general, I`d like to have possibility 1) control what accounts and quotes to add for visualization2) possibility to setup the alarm for dedicated threshold per account / quote w...
4 months ago in Core Platform 4 Investigating

Auto-remove permissions granted to DoiT support

The support system often asks us to give permissions to DoiT to various cloud resources. The problem is that we need to track internally which permissions should be removed later once the support ticket was resolved. Can we ask for a feature to au...
3 months ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 4

Request time range support to report.get API

Hello Doit team, I'm wondering if you can add time range parameters for report.get API so that when we query the report we can pass a start time and end time for a given report. The API in concern:
10 months ago in Core Platform / API 0

allow gsuite groups in CMP

The customer has about 70-75 team members that are using sandbox, and it's a pain to maintain this list and grant permissions in the CMP UI, with no api or any other solution. Feature Request: Allow G Suite groups in the CMP users list
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Users & Roles 0

Add a first-time dashboard/reports customization for users

As not all Cloud Analytics users can or want to create custom reports, adding a customization feature (per user) will be a great addition to the portal. This 'first-time' wizard will collect data from the user and build a dashboard & reports ...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Dashboards 2