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Add tooltip for checkbox (question mark icon)

Invoice Bucket One minor suggestion is that you can add a tooltip (question mark icon) besides the 'Auto-assign new Google Cloud projects to a bucket' checkbox that displays help information on the checkbox. Gary (
2 days ago in Core Platform 0

Display invoice bucket name and billing account information on the invoices

This is a feature request. Please help prioritize, thanks.We have two billing accounts, one for internal R&D projects and the other one for customer projects. Currently, we assign these billing accounts and their associated projects to differe...
3 days ago in Core Platform 0

Provide APIs to assign projects to invoice buckets

This is a feature request. Please help prioritize it, thanks.We need the ability to assign newly-created projects to the corresponding invoice buckets programmatically. Can you help to add an API to make that possible? - Gary (
3 days ago in Core Platform 0

IAM permissions to allow/restrict access to dashboards

The idea would be to add groups that have specific permissions e.g viewer access to dashboard 1. This would allow you to give teams a specific grouping and allow them access only to relevant information to them, currently we have around 15 dashboa...
21 days ago in Core Platform / Permissions 0

auto lowering the seats to match active licenses

it would be awsome if it was possible to lower the seats to always match the existing number of active licenses.
about 1 month ago in Core Platform / Assets 1

Dialogue seems to disappear when shrinking the page

When adding a new user in CMP and you shrink the page it seems like the dialogue disappears when in reality is hidding in the bottom.
about 1 month ago in Core Platform / Users & Roles 1

Decrease licences in google workspace

We currently are increasing licences in google workspace with the auto increase feature. We would also like the same feature with auto decrease licences when we remove users from the workspace. This is to ensure that the automation of the workspac...
about 2 months ago in Core Platform / Assets 0

DoIT,Cloud Management Platform Integration with Microsoft Teams

It would be great if we could integrate the Cloud Management Platform with Microsoft Teams. It would also be great if we could communicate with DoIT with Microsoft Teams.
about 2 months ago in Core Platform 0

Terraform Provider with the CMP

[Feature Request] Terraform Provider with the CMP: With Attributions and Budgets in the Cloud Management Platform. It would be great to have a Terraform Provider so that we can create resources in the camp with Terraform.
about 2 months ago in Core Platform 1

Put colour contrast back into graphs

The new colour scheme is not friendly for people with any form of color blindness and needs the contrast added back!
3 months ago in Core Platform / Usability 0