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Disable BigQuery recommendations that are not accurate.

We had identified a bug in the BigQuery FinOps dashboard that affected few metrics: Potential Savings Partition Your tables BigQuery Explorer (Project, Dataset, Table) As customers are using the dashboard and we don't have an ETA yet for ...
over 1 year ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0

Additional metrics for Flex-RI

Add the “Flex-RI” Savings to our Cloud Analytics as customer's management is interested to see in one place the total saving from AWS RI, AWS SP, DoiT Flex-RI. and create a daily/weekly/monthly report. The need the below metrics: * RI Savings * S...
over 1 year ago in Optimization / FlexSave (AWS) 1

EU warnings for EU people!

please offer the ability to send warnings to different groups of people based on the region it occurs in.
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / GDPR 0

Improve formatting of Known Issues customer view

Known Issues detail view should preserve spacing from the input description. It could also turn links into a hyperlink (target for new window) Currently if you input description with paragraphs, then view it as a customer all the text is bunched...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Known Issues 0

Differentiate blank from [Label N/A]

Moonactive had a report in which subscriptions and topics are labeled. Subscriptions have label 'subscription' and label 'topic', and topics have label 'topic'. In the grid-based CMP report in which 'subscription' is grouped after 'topic', some ro...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Repeating queries frequency

The recommendation Suggests reducing repeating queries by 10-50%. I think that showing "change Repeating queries frequency" by percentage is not actionable and does not fit the real-world use cases. Why are there repeated queries? Business data ...
over 1 year ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 1

[Bug] Changing the reduce by % change the queries order

The order of the queries might get changed due to calculating on the raw data but showing only rounding results. the change in savings should be linear and hence should not change the order.
over 1 year ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0

BigQuery Finops processing status

while the data is getting updated on the dashboard, the percentage is jumping up and down. The scan is completed, and 81% of your data was already processed. You are almost there! >> The scan is completed, and 38% of your data was already p...
over 1 year ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens 0

Hide specific big query finops recommendations

Some recommendations in bigquery finops might not be relevant due to business logic needs. For example: the recommendation to "Enforce partition fields" when a full table scan is needed. the recommendation to "reduce repeated query" when there i...
over 1 year ago in Optimization / BigQuery Lens / Lenses 0

Post Projected Dates in Budgets Dashboard/Widget

I think it may be helpful to have that forecasted 100% threshold date on the budget landing page and/or dashboard widget. Perhaps days to-go in the budget period. Without drilling down into the detail of the budget it’s not immediately clear, part...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Forecast / Reports 0