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Request time range support to report.get API

Hello Doit team, I'm wondering if you can add time range parameters for report.get API so that when we query the report we can pass a start time and end time for a given report. The API in concern:
12 months ago in Core Platform / API 0

Auto-remove permissions granted to DoiT support

The support system often asks us to give permissions to DoiT to various cloud resources. The problem is that we need to track internally which permissions should be removed later once the support ticket was resolved. Can we ask for a feature to au...
4 months ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 2

allow gsuite groups in CMP

The customer has about 70-75 team members that are using sandbox, and it's a pain to maintain this list and grant permissions in the CMP UI, with no api or any other solution. Feature Request: Allow G Suite groups in the CMP users list
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Users & Roles 0

Add a first-time dashboard/reports customization for users

As not all Cloud Analytics users can or want to create custom reports, adding a customization feature (per user) will be a great addition to the portal. This 'first-time' wizard will collect data from the user and build a dashboard & reports ...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Dashboards 2

Being able to pick a custom date range and not only the last 30 days

Hi, we currently use DataStudio to report on our BigQuery costs using custom timeranges. We would like to have the same on the Bigquery Finops Dashboard, as currently on Bigquery FInops Dashboard the timerange is fixed on the last 30 days. Thanks
12 months ago in Core Platform / BigQuery Lens 0 Investigating

Support for Looker and Maps products

Not sure exactly what category I should use, but here is what we require: We need to update the contract module in CMP to allow for Looker/ Maps entry/tracking. This would entails creating new contract types for Looker and Maps, and updating all a...
about 1 year ago in Core Platform / Assets 0

Provide links to upstream issues in the provider issue alerts details page

I've attached two screenshots: one of the list of known issues impacting GCP issues, and one of the "LEARN MORE" pages linked to by these list items. This information is not as helpful as it could be because it doesn't include enough context. It o...
7 months ago in Core Platform / Support Portal 0

Assign AWS account to specific OU during account creation in CMP

As a customer I would like to be able to assign AWS account to a specific Organizational Unit during creation process in Cloud Management Platform.
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Assets 0 Investigating

Can you please a date to the job from the BigQuery Explorer?

When you click on your project in 'BigQuery Explorer', and click on a query, can you add the latest date or date that the job was run? I just see the job id.
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / BigQuery Lens 0 Investigating

Support quota notification in "Slack Notifications"

Slack notification supports only cost anomalies and cloud known issues. Please add quota notifications and maybe the other notification type CMP supports.
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Collaboration 0 Investigating