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Provide a checkbox to quickly view existing selected items for filtering

It would be handy to have a checkbox in the "Filter Scopes" popup dialog which allows for viewing existing selections easily. Currently, one has to scroll down to find selected items which can take a while for long lists. See attached screenshot.
7 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

New dimension for BigQuery datasets

Not sure if there is a way to do it already, but I would like to explore cost reports similar to what's available in the BigQuery lens tool, but with expanded result sets. To that end, I would like to be able to add a dimension for the BigQuery da...
9 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Dimensions 0

When I press 'back' remember how many rows I am showing in a grid

When I click on a user, then go back, it loses my place in the table and how many rows I have. Very frustrating.
9 months ago in Core Platform / Usability 0 Investigating

or function on CMP Grouping and Filter function

Want to be able to run reports where grouping on GCP several labels that are missing. If any label is complete then report won't return that resource.
9 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Dimensions 0 Investigating

Delete / grey out sandboxes in CMP when deleted from GCP

We have deleted the sandbox in their GCP and still see it as active in the CMP and it prevents us from creating more sandboxes unless changing the policy. Could we have a way to delete the sandbox from the CMP once it has been deleted from GCP as ...
9 months ago in Governance / Sandboxes 1 Investigating

customize the dashboard using a time range/time frame rather just the pre-defined time range

Would be a great idea to be able to customize the dashboard using a time range/time frame rather just the pre-defined time range options we have. Do we have this in our log ?
10 months ago in Core Platform / BigQuery Lens 0

Allowing linking the service account to standalone projects (projects not linked to an organization)

The CMP does not support for now linking the service account standalone projects, that do not belong to an organisation. It has to do with the fact that we create job sinks at the organisation level. Idea: 1) allow the customer to select whether o...
10 months ago in Core Platform / Assets 0 Investigating

Login: integration with OKTA for SSO

I want to know if the platform can work with external IDP (Okta) with SSO instead of creating users inside the DoiT
10 months ago in Core Platform / Authentication 0

Add Azure to Cost Analytics

Started to use Azure with DoiT few days ago, when can I see the details with the Cloud Management Platform ?
10 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Add more AWS services (such as RDS) supported by FlexSave

We'd like RDS/Aurora instances to be covered by FlexSave. "We have more than 10 AWS accounts, it is not easy to purchase RI for resource in each account. Since DoiT could list all our resources and be responsible for the payment, will be helpful i...
10 months ago in Optimization / FlexSave (AWS) 1