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Billing data freshness

Explain the problem: Sandbox budget might be overrun because of billing data freshness which is out of DoiT control. Feature Request: Add a page with freshness data to help the customer understand the risk by the service they use in the sandbox.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Sandbox projects name

In sandboxes, I cannot add a description for each sandbox project that I create. I can choose the project name prefix, but the rest of the name is automatically generated and does not provide any information regarding the project. For example: pro...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Sandboxes 0

Automatically create a custom cloud-report for every sandbox project

Sandbox projects are created automatically, but for cost/usage tracking, the customer needs to manually create and maintain cloud-report for each sandbox project Feature Request: Create a cost report with every sandbox project, and provide quick ...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Sandboxes 0

CMP Audit Log

A customer has mentioned to me that with all the new features entering into CMP, he doesn't have full visibility into what users are doing in the CMP. Feature Request: He requests an audit log that will show at least the cost affecting actions, ...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 0

User management import/export & sync

A customer brought to my attention that many currently configured users in CMP are no longer with the company and he wants better control of the registered CMP users. Feature Request: He asks for SAML integration so they control from their cloud ...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Authentication 0

Production availability monitoring

Few of our customers are using and alternatives to monitor and get alerted for both their marketing website's availability and sometimes also their other public API endpoints. Both prospects and current customers are asking me if we ha...
over 1 year ago in Governance 0 Will not implement

Customizable default filter, and custom filters for reports

In cloud reports, the default filter is set to "preset" OR "owner". Customers cannot see the reports that I've created for them by default. It requires changing the filter every time. Another problem is that customers cannot prepare their own filt...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

CUD Coverage Report in Cloud Analytics Reports

We're missing in Cloud Analytics a coverage report for CUDs, something similar to what's available in Google CUD Analysis Feature Request: We need CUD coverage for each resource type n1/n2 cores/ram similar to Google. Notice that it has to be als...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Commitment Widget Needs to Include Time

The Google Cloud Commitment widget on the dashboard doesn't include a time dimension, which leaves the user without enough information to know if they're on track or not. Feature Request: Include a time dimension in some form. The simplest solut...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 0

Alerts to cloud analytics

I hear more and more requests for proactive detailed notifications for CUDs, budgets, cost increase etc, and a dashboard to manage these alerts. Some of my customers said that it'll be helpful to integrate alerts with Slack & Whatsapp, as ema...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Alerts 0