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Support for cost anomaly suppressions

It would be nice to be able to add suppressions/exclusions to the cost anomaly detection. Currently the only modifications supported by the report is:a) disable the reports per-userb) modify the severity threshold an example suppression: AutoStop ...
11 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

time range for last week to date, last month to date with weekly window, etc.

Last Week to Date would overlay last week's data with this week's data for same weekly day comparisons. This would more or less work exactly like Last Month to Date except over named days Monday through Sunday. Last month to date could have 4-8 ov...
11 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 1

Multiple dashboards/reports in a single email

Hi, Currently I have setup a daily email reporting but I do not see the whole picture as i would need different granularities per dashboard to connect the dots. I would like to have a single email that includes multiple dashboards that i configure...
11 months ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Share boards to groups

You can share Cloud Analytics only to individuals, but if you want to share them to your team/colleagues you'll need to add everyone individually. This creates lot of confusion and people get missed (while adding or later when new joining, etc.). ...
about 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Scheduled email notification: Image should be clickable.

Today, the email report has a button "Open Live Report." It is natural to click on the image, maybe thinking subconsciously that it is a live interactive tool. This click should send the user to the same URL as the button.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Scheduling 0

Add pie chart to Cloud Analytics

It would be nice to have a pie chart visualization as an option in Cloud Analytics
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Report shows wrong order of months

In the cloud analytics section within a report the order of month are strange. In the example below I have the last 3 months selected. Instead of order it 3-4-5 it does 4-3-5, which is confusing.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

move exports option for reporting to a right panel

it ’d be much more intuitive if “sheets export” and CSV export” options in Cloud analytics would be moved to the right panel.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0 Planned

Cloud Analytics Reports not to be safed automatically

Right now within the Cloud Analytics section under reports whenever you open a report, go to edit mode and change a value, parameter etc. the report is safed automatically even if this change should not be permanent. E.g. I have a report defined i...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Cloud Report Auto-Generation

Manual effort of logging into CMP and downloading a report. Feature Request: The request I've received from 2 customers so far is the ability to setup a report in Cloud Reports that auto-generates each month and is sent to a specified email.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports / Scheduling 0