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Have a way to compare labeled workloads cost when CUDs are applied

CUDs do not have cost labels applied which means that if you label all resources for env / product, you cannot compare the daily cost of labeled workloads because CUDs apply differently each day. Feature Request: Have a way to compare labeled wor...
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Sandboxes for AWS

This particular customer ( is multi-cloud and thus requires sandbox environments for both GCP and AWS. Their current solution, env0, supports this. I'm sure other multi-cloud customers would appreciate such a feature as well.
over 1 year ago in Governance / Sandboxes 0

Add text to glyphs on the left of CMP

The menu on the left is glyph only so the only way to know what the glyphs are is to hover. Feature Request: We should have the names next to it like in the reOptimize hamburger menu.
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

Add widget for customer CUDs and expirations

CUD expiration information is not available on Hello and Re:optimzie Feature Request: Request that I got from quite a few customers is to be able to see CUDs on their CMP dashboard. This allows to them to prepare and plan a head their commitments...
over 1 year ago in Governance 0

CMP Reports - Consolidate all the general button into "actions" menu

Feature Request: It will be nice to have all the important actions in one place (under 'actions?)' for a cleaner look and feel.
over 1 year ago in Core Platform / Usability 0

Environment Scheduling for Cloud Sandbox

As your cloud footprint grows, so do your costs. One way to minimize unnecessary cloud spend would be to shut off resources you're not using and to turn them back on when you use them again. Doing this manually gets time-consuming as your company...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Sandboxes 1

Billing data freshness

Explain the problem: Sandbox budget might be overrun because of billing data freshness which is out of DoiT control. Feature Request: Add a page with freshness data to help the customer understand the risk by the service they use in the sandbox.
over 1 year ago in Cloud Analytics / Reports 0

Sandbox projects name

In sandboxes, I cannot add a description for each sandbox project that I create. I can choose the project name prefix, but the rest of the name is automatically generated and does not provide any information regarding the project. For example: pro...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Sandboxes 0

Automatically create a custom cloud-report for every sandbox project

Sandbox projects are created automatically, but for cost/usage tracking, the customer needs to manually create and maintain cloud-report for each sandbox project Feature Request: Create a cost report with every sandbox project, and provide quick ...
over 1 year ago in Governance / Sandboxes 0

CMP Audit Log

A customer has mentioned to me that with all the new features entering into CMP, he doesn't have full visibility into what users are doing in the CMP. Feature Request: He requests an audit log that will show at least the cost affecting actions, ...
over 1 year ago in Core Platform 0